30+ FREE Editable Flyer Templates

Many companies use flyer templates so as to make their flyers special and attractive. It is so because a flyer is the most common and effective way to spread your name around the market with ease. It does not really matter what type of business you are doing or how much the technology has advanced, flyers are still one of the most used tactic for the promotion of a business.

The more attractive and stylish your flyers are, it is more likely to increase the probability of customers attracted to your products or services.  The most common type of flyers are:

  1. Party Flyers
  2. Business Flyers
  3. Event Flyers

Each of these types are explained below along with templates of respective flyer type. You can easily download and further edit these flyer templates for free. 

Everybody loves parties simply because they are just cool and awesome. Likewise the party itself, the party flyer should also be stylish and catchy. Of course the appearance of such a flyer will always depend upon theme of the party.

Whether it is a birthday party, an annual party, a new year party or any other party that an entity organizes for its employees or its customers, flyers are always a helpful tool for making the event pleasant and unforgettable. Some of the attractive party flyer templates are given below:

Party Flyer Templates

Holiday Party Flyer Template

Christmas Party Flyer Template

Catchy Halloween Party Flyer Template

Winter Solstice Party Flyer Template

Birthday Party Flyer Template

Holiday Party Flyer Template

Stylish Halloween Party Flyer Template

Summer Party Invitation Flyer Template

2- Business Flyers:

Owners of a business use business flyers for different commercial purposes such as opening a new branch, launching of a new product or a service, advertisement of a product or a service or launching of a new brand etc. The themes and designs of these flyers are selected and decided by keeping in view the type of organisation.

Such flyers are made for formal purposes only. The information like features of the product or service or the location of the new branch is also included in these flyers. Below you can find different business flyer templates for free.

Business Flyer Templates

Restaurant's Flyer Template

Real Estate Flyer Template

Baseball Camp Flyer Template

Customer Support's Flyer

Academic Flyer Template

Company's Flyer Template

Elegant Style Real Estate Flyer Sample

Appealing Christmas Menu Flyer Template

Car Wash Service Flyer Template

Restaurant's Classic Flyer Template

Stylish Eatery's Flyer Template

Business' Sample Flyer

Real Estate Agency's Unique Flyer Template

3- Event Flyers:

Event flyers are normally used by event management and organisation companies. However, this type of flyers are also used by businesses when they conduct different events that require advertising and marketing e.g, event of launch of a new product etc.

These flyers are informal in nature and are made stylish and colorful in order to attract the target audience. Some of these flyers may highlight the attractive features of the event to grab the attention of public at large. Some of the event flyer templates are listed below.

Event Flyer Templates

Event's Colorful Flyer Template

Environmental Festival's Flyer

Summer Event Flyer Template

Sports Event Flyer Template

Nature Program's Flyer

Stylish Flyer Template Format

Amazing Style Flyer Template

New Year Event Flyer Template

Christmas Catchy Flyer

Special Event Flyer Template

Attractive New Year Event Flyer Template

Tempting New Year Event Flyer Template

Spring Celebration Flyer Template

Ice Cream Parlor Flyer Template

Official Event's Flyer Template

Basketball Camp's Flyer

Benefits of using Flyers:

1- Targeting the audience:

Flyers help you easily reach your potential customers by advertising your product(s) or service(s).  The way in which the flyers are distributed, it enables you to advertise your event, product or service to public at large. 

2- Tangible Nature:

Due to its tangible nature, flyers are quite helpful. If your potential customer takes the flyer and view the message in it, half of your task is done. The other half depends upon the flyer design and the attractive offers or features which will lead your customers or targeted audience to take action. 

3- Unlimited Creativity:

There is no limit for your creativity when you are advertising and marketing through flyers. Be as much creative as you want in designing, styling and writing your flyer. Provide all the relevant and necessary information.

You will obviously want your flyer to be at least that much attractive to gain attention of public and to convey your message at the same time.

4- Providing Incentives:

Providing incentives like coupons, vouchers or other type of discounts are also another tactic to promote your event, product or service. Flyers are also used for this purpose.  

5- Low in Cost:

Among many other types of tools of advertising and marketing, the promotion or advertisement of a product or an event through flyers is probably the most cost effective. A beautifully designed and colorful piece of paper can never be as expensive as a banner or a billboard. 

6- Easy distribution:

The distribution of flyers is not a big job. They can easily be distributed through newspapers, door to door, or on streets or shops etc. 

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