20+ FREE Task Analysis Templates

Sometimes we see a project or task that seems impossible to be performed. Most commonly, it is either due to the complexity of the task or simply because of the time it’s going to take to complete such a task. For this purpose, it is a common practice to analyse a particular task. A task analysis is a process of division of a long and complex task or project into smaller and more achievable targets. A task analysis template is a proper written document which ultimately helps to complete a project.

Even when a difficult task is divided into separate sections or targets, the people who are employed to do it feel relaxed as now the task seems more easily achievable.Task analysis templates help the people to fully understand the task itself, and how to perform it more effectively and efficiently.It is also recommended to divide a task analysis into two parts. One that clearly defines and explains the task and the other part should explain the complete process or steps of the task. In order to better understand the task analysis through examples, make sure to check out the given below task analysis templates that are free to use.

Hierarchical Task Analysis Template

Model Job Task Analysis Template

Technical Skills Task Analysis Template

Useful Cognitive Task Analysis Template

Sample Job Task Analysis Template

Educational Task Analysis Template

Quantitative Task Analysis Template

Skill Building Task Analysis Template

Usual Task Analysis Template

Task Analysis Report Template

Official Task Analysis Template

Stylish Task Analysis Template

Professional Task Analysis Template

Tips for Writing an Effective Task Analysis

If you want to write a task analysis yourself, following are some useful tips for you to write an effective one:

  • Clearly explain and describe the task, such as the number of task, its name, the person or team that will perform the task, the products that are required, the location, the necessary tools and any other relevant general information.
  • Mention the time period required to complete the task. 
  • Describe the expected results that each step or process will produce.
  • Explain in detail the reasons for carrying out the task analysis.
  • Provide complete list of each step of the task in the progressive order. 
  • While dividing the task into simple steps, you should consider the skill and knowledge level of the employees that are going to perform the task.
  • The task analysis must be very detailed. It must not even miss a small step as it can produce unexpected results.

More Task Analysis Templates

Task Analysis Techniques Template

Informative Task Analysis Template

Module Task Analysis Template

Scientific Task Analysis Template

Planned Task Analysis Template

Corporate Task Analysis Template

Learning Task Analysis Template

Task Analysis Guide Template

Extensive Task Analysis Template

Special Task Analysis Template

Cognitive Task Analysis Template

Sample Task Analysis Template

Advantages of a Task Analysis

  • A task analysis helps the management to identify the potential hazards of the workplace and to take reasonable steps to mitigate them.
  • In relation to the above point, by analyzing the situation of the workplace, relationships between the workers and the task, the management can easily specify proper work procedures at the workplace.
  • A task analysis also helps the management to identify whether or not an employee is fit for the job. This way, the jobs are automatically assigned to the relevant employees that are suitable for the job.
  • With the help of such a key analysis, it can also be assessed whether the employees or a group of employees require some training.
  • The roles and responsibilities of the employees are clearly specified in a task analysis so as to make sure that there will be no confusion among the employees in performing their respective tasks.

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