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In this article, we will look for rent receipt templates but before that, let’s know what is the actual purpose of such a receipt. If you are an owner of a certain property and you have rented it out to another person, for his or her personal or commercial use, then it is very important for you to keep a proper record of all the amounts that you receive in respect of the ‘rent’. Rent is the sum of money that a person or a business pays periodically to the owner of the property, in return for the use of his property for personal or commercial purposes.

The simple way to keep a proper track in this respect, is to provide a valid and proper receipt to the tenants each time they make payments to you. For this purpose, make sure to check out 34 different rent receipt templates which are given below for you. These templates provide you the facility to edit and change them according to your requirement. Download the template that you think meets your requirement, for free.

Rent Invoice

Informal Rent Receipt

Rent Receipt Simple Format

Official Rent Receipt

Simple Rent Receipt

Rent Acknowledgement Slip

Formal Rent Receipt

Short Rental Receipt

Short Rental Invoice

Sample Rental Receipt

Simple Rent Receipt

Detailed Rental Receipt

Rent Receipt Template

Formal Rental Receipt

House Rent Receipt

Security Deposit Receipt

Why Rent Receipts are Important?

It is a requirement from the landlords, in many countries, to provide valid rent receipts to the tenants because such receipts serves as an evidence that the tenants have paid and the owner has received the same amount at the same time. So, unless there is a case of an emergency, providing the receipts should not be deferred or delayed at all. A copy of such a receipt should also be retained by the landlord himself, besides providing the receipt to the tenant. Such a practice would benefit the landlord as well as the tenant and indicate professionalism. In case of multiple tenants, if you properly maintain your rent records, then it will be easy to identify which tenants have paid their rents or paid advance rents and which of them has not paid for one or more periods. Keeping proper records in respect of rent is also important and beneficial to the tenants as well, because if the landlord claims that the rent for a particular period is outstanding against the tenant, the tenant can easily show him the kept records as a proof. These records are also important for tax purposes for both the landlord and the tenant. 

Rent Receipts Samples

Formal Rent Receipt

Sample Rental Receipt

Commercial Rent Receipt

Official Rent Receipt

Stylish Rent Receipt

Rent Receipt Design

Sample Rental Invoice

Receipt of House Rent

Stylish Rental Invoice

Short & Detailed Rent Receipt

Rent Receipt Document

Simple Rental Receipt

Simple design Rent Receipt

Rent Receipt of an Institute

House Rent Receipt

Formal Rental Invoice

Simple Template of Rent Receipt

Official Style Rent Receipt

Preparing a Rent Receipt

In order to prepare a proper formal rent receipt, it should contain the following important information:

  • Name, contact number and address of the owner or his agent.
  • Name and contact details of the tenant.
  • Details of the property for which the rent is received.
  • Date on which the receipt is made.
  • An acknowledgement by the owner or his agent, that he has received the payment of rent. 
  • The month or period for which the rent is paid.
  • The amount of rent that is paid to the owner by the tenant.
  • The medium through which the tenant is making the payment e.g, by check, in cash or by credit card etc.
  • The check number, if the payment is made through check.
  • Signature of the owner or his duly appointed agent.
  • Signature of the tenant as well.
  • Receipt number. However, it is optional.

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