20+ FREE Thanksgiving Menu Templates

Thanksgiving is celebrated as a day thanking and sacrificing for all the blessings of God. People arrange get together with their friends and families in order to celebrate the event. People enjoy Thanksgiving feasts either at home or at restaurants. At this event, most restaurants offer some special menus. Many restaurants use thanksgiving menu templates for this purpose.

In order to facilitate and attract their customers at such a special eve, the restaurants print special menus with a huge number of food choices available on them. However if you are thinking to arrange a thanksgiving feast at home, you can also create a thanksgiving menu template for your guests. You can get some stylish and beautifully designed thanksgiving menu templates here for free by clicking the download button.  Hopefully you will like these thanksgiving menu templates. 

Here are some of the best Thanksgiving menu templates for you in Microsoft Word: 

Restaurant Simple Thanksgiving Menu

Stylish Thanksgiving Menu

Simple Colored Thanksgiving Menu

Black Background Thanksgiving Menu

Thanksgiving Party Menu

Flower Theme Thanksgiving Menu

Detailed Thanksgiving Feast Menu

Detailed Simple Thanksgiving Menu

Beautiful Thanksgiving Menu

Elegant Thanksgiving Menu

Restaurant Attractive Thanksgiving Menu

Restaurant Simple Thanksgiving Menu

Simple Thanksgiving Menu

Decent Thanksgiving Menu

Simple Colored Thanksgiving Menu

Simple Thanksgiving Menu

Thanksgiving Party Menu

How to create your own Thanksgiving Menu Template

If you are going to organize a thanksgiving feast at your home, then the most important thing to consider is to plan a thanksgiving menu template. In order to do so, following are some of the useful tips for you:

Collect Ideas about your Thanksgiving Menu:

A turkey is a must included item in a thanksgiving menu. But still you have to think about other things for your menu. You can browse internet for getting ideas about other items of your menu. However, a typical thanksgiving menu includes:

  • Appetizers: 2 or 3
  • Main Dishes: 2 or 3 (including a Thanksgiving Turkey)
  • Side Dishes: 3 or 4
  • Desserts: 2 or 3

Table Setting:

Setting the table for thanksgiving feast is one of the most important thing to do. You should make sure that your guests feel comfortable and enjoy themselves during the whole event. They should have easy access to anything they need. The important components of table setting such as table decorations, cutlery, plates, napkins, glassware and the menus should also be properly considered.  

Design of the Thanksgiving Menu Template:

After the menu is decided, now it’s the time to plan the design of your thanksgiving menu template. You can design your template on your own or use our provided templates for free. In case of designing the template on your own, consider the following important things:

  1. Decide the background color of your thanksgiving menu template. You are completely free to use a single color or use a mixture or a blend of multiple colors as a background color, according to your choice.
  2. Instead of using a background color, you can also use a background image for your menu template. Just make sure that the image won’t make the text unreadable. In this case, lightening your background will surely help. 
  3. Enter all of your decided items on the menu from first to last. 
  4. Add emphasis on any special items present in your menu by highlighting or using different fonts.
  5. If it feels necessary, add some graphics and images to your menu. 
  6. Keep a proper balance of text and graphics in your design to make it look more stylish and catchy. 

Thanksgiving Menu Templates |PDF|

Some of the Thanksgiving Menu Templates in PDF are listed below:

Simple Colorful Thanksgiving Menu

Decent Style Thanksgiving Menu

Simple Style Thanksgiving Menu

Detailed Simple Thanksgiving Menu

Restaurant Typical Thanksgiving Menu

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