33 FREE Editable Team Charter Templates

Team charter templates are often used by entities to achieve effective results from efficient team working. A team charter is a document of business that is developed in a group setting and sets the direction and boundaries of a particular group or team. Whenever a group or team of individuals is formed, a team charter is prepared at the very initial stages of any such formation.

Usually, a team charter template serves two purposes. Its first purpose is to illustrate the concentration and direction of the team members. Secondly, it also explains the direction of team to other members of the entity, which are not the members of such a team, but they still add value.

For more clear understanding of a team charter, make sure to check out the given below team charter templates. These templates are free to download and further editable too, so that you can use these for your own purposes.

Draft Team Charter Template

County Team Charter Template

Executive Team Charter Template

Universirty Team Charter Template

Blank Team Charter Template

Project Team Charter Template

Detailed Team Charter Template

Volunteer Team Charter Template

Special Team Charter Template

Formal Team Charter Template

Useful Team Charter Template

Brief Team Charter Template

Simple Project Team Charter Template

Ground Rules & Team Charter Template

Handy Team Charter Template

Short Team Charter Template

Explained Team Charter Template

Components of a Team Charter Template

Following are some of the major components of a team charter template:

  • Purpose:

The information regarding the purpose of formation of a team or group is included in this section. The information typically includes the issues faced by the team, their solution and the possible outcome or result.

  • Duration and Time Period:

The duration and time period for which the members are expected to be working as a team should be properly documented. Along with mentioning the time period of work, this section should also explain how the deadlines will be met and the time duration for each level or stage, should also be specified. 

  • Scope:

This section indicates the start and end of a project, the departments to be involved or not and the different parameters for completing the project under consideration. When the scope is properly identified, only the relevant tasks are performed thus preventing the waste of resources.

  • Team Members:

A proper list of all the members of the team should be prepared. The list should also indicate the person who is the leader of the team. The alternate members of the team can also be added to such a list. This section provides complete details about the members of the team and their respective responsibilities.

  • Expected Outcome:

In this section you should briefly explain the results that you expect to get at the end. With the expected outcome in mind, the goals and objectives, that you expect from your team to achieve, are set.

  • Assisting Resources:

This section includes the people, teams or other departments that are not the members of the team under consideration, but still add value and assist the team in achieving their goals and objectives.

  • Reporting:

This section includes the details of reporting and communication of the progress of team. The rules and guidelines of such a reporting are also set in this section.

Official Team Charter Templates

Proper Team Charter Template

Study Team Charter Template

Professional Team Charter Template

Elegant Team Charter Template

Advisory Team Charter Template

Sample Team Charter Template

Catchy Team Charter Template

Agency Team Charter Template

Stylish Team Charter Template

Simple Team Charter Template

Unique Team Charter Template

Internal Team Charter Template

Objective Team Charter Template

Effective Team Charter Template

Company's Team Charter Template

Extensive Team Charter Template

Benefits of a Team Charter Template

Following are some of the benefits of using an effective team charter template:

  • The consent of all the team members is obtained, even those who have resisted earlier.
  • All the team members are held accountable properly.
  • It overall encourages the understanding of the team.
  • It clarifies the goals and objectives of the team and reduce any confusions.
  • With a document like this, the team members clearly understand their respective roles and responsibilities.
  • The ways of addressing issues, adaptation to changes and specific actions are defined through a team charter.
  • The information provided in the team charter reduces the risk of rework or revision, thus preventing waste of time and money.
  • With a team charter document, the mission and purpose of the formation of a particular team or group is also clear to other individuals within the entity.

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