25+ BEST Parent Contact Log Templates

For better education, character building and overall grooming of a child, it is very important that his/her parents and teachers must have a strong relationship between them. This relationship can be developed through consistent contact and communication between parents and teachers. The parents must provide their complete contact details on an official parent contact log template of the school.

Getting your child admitted in a good school is not enough for overall development of his personality and character. Parents must take keen interest in their child’s education as well as his academic performance. They must properly keep in touch with his teachers. Similarly it is the duty of teachers to report a child’s performance to his parents on a regular basis. That is why whenever a child gets admission in a school, the parents are asked to provide their contact details to the school. Most of the schools use their own specific parent contact log template for this purpose.

If you have no time to design such a parent communication log, make sure to check out the given below parent contact log templates that are completely free to download and use.

Typical Parent Contact Log Template

Special Parent Contact Log Template

Simple Parent Contact Log Template

Detailed Parent Contact Log

Parent Contact Log Blocks Template

Ideal Parent Contact Log Template

Random Parent Contact Log Template

Specific Parent Contact Log Template

Stylish Parent Contact Log Template

High School Parent Contact Log

Exclusive Contact Log Template

Custom Contact Log Template

Extensive Parent Contact Log

Modern Parent Contact Log Template

Parent Teacher Communication Strategies

As mentioned earlier, a proper communication between parents and teachers of a child is very important. Parents and teachers can effectively communicate as follows:

Face to face meeting:

One of the most effective ways of communication between teachers and parents is by meeting each other in person, also known as in-person meeting. It can be done by arranging a parent-teacher meetings, after school events or house visits etc. The main purpose is that when teachers and parents meet each other, they should discuss the important issues or problems faced by the child at home or at school or at both places, and form strong relationships with each other.

This is a positive sign for the child and it plays an important part in improving his performance and overcoming his deficiencies. When parents have not met or don’t care or don’t know about the teachers of their child, it reflects that they are sending their kid to the school just as a formality. They are simply not interested in what their child is or is not doing at the school, which is not good for the child.

Communication by Writing:

It is a one way communication that may seem a little bid older way of communication but it still exists. Teachers often communicate with parents of children through writing i.e, communication by writing a personal note, or sending a newsletter to the parents. This type of communication is especially used as a reminder of some upcoming event at the school or if some things are required for a class project.

Communication based on Technology:

In modern times, the schools can also communicate with parents through emails, texts or phone calls. With school websites and active social media pages, parents can get updates about any upcoming events at the school so as to get their child ready for it. With daily advancements in technology, most schools design and use their apps in order to keep the parents informed and updated. Moreover, now a days, parent-teacher meetings can also be arranged through video conferencing.

No matter what medium of communication is being used, the main purpose is to develop a constructive relationship between parents and teachers.

Useful Parent Log Templates

Standard Parent Contact Log Template

Professional Parent Contact Log Template

School's Parent Contact Log Template

Typical Parent Contact Log Sheet Template

Unique Parent Contact Log Template

Official Parent Contact Log Template

Systematic Parent Contact Log

Formal Parent Contact Log Template

Effective Parent Contact Log Template

Ordinary Parent Contact Log Template

Handy Parent Contact Log Template

Basic Parent Contact Log Template

Practical Parent Contact Log Template

Convenient Parent Contact Log Template

Benefits of Parent Log Template

A parent log template is used to record contact details of parents of a child so as to contact them in order to discuss issues related to their child and most importantly, in case of any emergency. So, following are some common benefits of recording and maintaining such information:

  • Parents are properly updated about their child’s activities or any problems on consistent basis, which is very important.
  • When parents get complete report about their child’s performance or overall behavior in the school, they are likely to cooperate with you more.
  • When parents are informed about any volunteer activity in the classroom or school, they are likely to participate themselves as well as encourage their child to participate too, in any such activity.
  • Having an effective communication between parents and teachers can also result in constructive feedback and important suggestions from the parents.
  • Effective communication between parents and teachers of a child will ultimately result in an improved academic as well as improved overall performance of that child.

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