25+ FREE Editable Organizational Chart Templates

Organisational chart is a visual or a diagram that clearly shows the roles and responsibilities of the members of an organisation as a whole. It also shows the hierarchy of an organisation. It is also sometimes referred to as ‘organigram’, ‘organogram’ or ‘org chart’. This chart is commonly prepared for the organisation as a whole but it can also be made for a particular department or departments or a particular group of individuals within the same department. For this purpose, entities can always look for and use organizational chart templates.

An organizational chart is almost used by every organisation whether it is a business, not for profit or a government organisation, as it enables the employees to easily understand the chain of command or hierarchy of authority. Moreover, it also helps to identify and rectify any lack or deficiencies within the organisation. So now that we are aware of what an organisational chart is, let’s check some of the best designed and quality organisational chart templates. For your ease, we provide you these editable organisational chart templates for free. Just click the download button.

Hospital's Organizational Chart Template

Institute's Organisational Chart Template

Departmental Organisational Chart Template

Enterprise Organisational Chart Template

Company Organisational Chart Template

Attractive Organisational Chart Template

Sales Department Organisational Chart

Simple Blank Format of Organisational Chart

Academic Organisational Chart Example

Grand County Organisational Chart Sample

Detailed Organisational Chart Template

Simple Organisational Chart Template

Academic Organisational Chart Template

Hospital's Organisational Chart Sample

Medical Organisational Chart Template

Blank Format Organisational Chart Sample

Reasons of using an Organisational Chart

The reasons of using an organisational chart can be understood by the definition alone, but let’s just understand more clearly that why the organisational charts are of that much importance, after all. The most important thing is that an organisational chart is designed and prepared in such a way that it clarifies many things for the people inside or outside the organisation. A chart like this can be of a great help where a complex organisational structure exists. Moreover it helps the employees of the organisation to easily understand the reporting structure of their organisation. An organisation, carrying on business at a large scale, with many departments in it, requires a clear and organised information, in order to operate and work efficiently. These charts help the departments of the organisation in coordinating and communicating effectively for completing different projects and tasks. Overall, we can easily analyse and compare the performances of an organisation with and without a proper and formal organisational  chart.

Sample Organisational Charts

Sample Format of Organisational Chart

Financial Aid Organisational Chart Sample

Easy Organisational Chart Template

Informative Organisational Chart

Hierarchical Organisational Chart Sample

Blank Format Organisational Chart Template

Smart Pictorial Organisational Chart Template

Public Laboratory Organisational Chart

Plain Vertical Organisational Chart Template

Stylish Blank Organisational Chart Template

Catchy Organisational Chart Template

Simple Organisational Chart Template

Official Organisational Chart Example

Elegant Organisational Chart Template

Horizontal Hierarchy Organisational Chart Template

Benefits of using Organisational Charts

Organisational chart provides many advantages to an organisation. Following are some of the key benefits of using it:

  1. It provides a clear reporting structure.
  2. A properly prepared organisational chart helps the entity to manage its workload effectively.
  3. It helps the organisation to relocate its staff and redistribute certain tasks among them.
  4. It overall helps in better and effective communication within the organisation. 
  5. It allows the leadership to make better decisions and proper assignment of tasks to proper individuals, departments or groups.
  6. It helps in building strong work relationships between the employees.
  7. An organisational chart is of great help in allocating the available resources all across the organisation.
  8. Whether the company is planning the launch of a new product or any other event, all the relevant information is easily available to the leadership of the company, with the help of an organisational chart.

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