35 BEST New Hire Checklist Templates

A new hire checklist is a document that helps the managers and human resource department to ensure that are necessary requirements and formalities have been fulfilled for recruiting a new employee. It also guides the newly hired employees to go through the process of becoming part of the entity. In order to effectively and efficiently keep such a record, the entities often use new hire checklist templates. 

For a certain job or position, you finally decide to choose one employee that meets the job requirements, after interviewing many candidates. Then the human resource department keeps proper track and record of the newly appointed person. It can be easily done by using a new hire checklist template. 

Make sure to scroll down and check out the given below collection of new hire checklist templates, which are easy to download and use. 

Proper New Hire Checklist Template

Sample New Hire Checklist Template

Standard New Hire Checklist

Staff New Hire Checklist Template

Company New Hire Checklist

New Local Hire Checklist Template

College's New Hire Checklist Template

Restaurant New Hire Checklist Template

University's New Hire Checklist Template

Health Center New Hire Checklist Template

Extensive New Hire Checklist Template

Supervisor's New Hire Checklist Template

Official New Hire Checklist Template

Simple New Hire Checklist Template

Catchy New Hire Checklist Template

Institutional New Hire Checklist

Employee New Hire Checklist Template

Steps for creating an effective New Hire Checklist Template

Following steps are usually involved in creating an effective and useful new hire checklist template:

  1. Make sure to submit a proper job requisition form with your human resource department and make the hire official. You should do this before proceeding any further.
  2. Carefully perform a background check in order to ensure safety and security of the entity’s clients and colleagues.
  3. Make contact with the employee and provide him the schedule of the first week. You should also provide some other basic information to the employee like time table, parking rules and dress code etc.
  4. Review the job descriptions and duties and email these documents to the employee. Provide the employee with an overall view of the work environment of the organization and make sure to answer any questions.
  5. Complete all the necessary documentation and formalities before the employee’s first day at work. Doing so will ultimately save the time for both employee and you and let you concentrate on more important issues.
  6. Make sure to take necessary steps in order to introduce a newly hired employee to the rest of the entity e.g, by setting up necessary staff meetings and workplace tours etc.
  7. Provide a proper work environment to the employee by providing them a clean work space, their business cards, access badges and other important equipment such as phone, computer, stationery etc.
  8. Make sure to provide necessary training to the new employee and arrange for trainers or experts.

More New Hire Checklist Templates

Detailed New Hire Checklist

Basic New Hire Checklist Template

Perfect New Hire Checklist Template

Specific New Hire Checklist

New Hire Checklist Example Template

Comprehensive New Hire Checklist Template

Special New Hire Checklist Template

New Hire Master Checklist Template

Group New Hire Checklist Template

Professional New Hire Checklist

Formal New Hire Checklist Template

New Hire Paperwork Checklist

Brief New Hire Checklist Template

Useful New Hire Checklist Template

Particular New Hire Checklist Template

Effective New Hire Checklist Template

Entity's New Hire Checklist Template

Important components of a New Hire Checklist Template

A new hire checklist template can be of different type for some entities depending upon their requirements or the nature of their business. However, following are some of the important components of any type of a new hire checklist template:

1. Induction program:

Every business entity arranges an induction program for their newly hired employees so that these employees get familiarize with the policies and procedures of the entity. So make sure to arrange an induction program for newly hired employees and introduce them to their departments, key personnel and provide them their job descriptions.

2. Job Contract:

Review the job contract or employment contract form before sending it to the newly hired employee. It is expected from the employee that he signs such a form after completely understanding the contract.

3. Company formalities:

The newly hired employee is required to sign many different necessary documents in order to comply with the requirements of the company. Mostly people sign such documents without completely reading and understanding them. So it is expected from the newly hired employee that he fully reads and understands the document.

4. Legal Requirements:

It is important for the entity to comply with all the legal requirements relevant to hiring of new employees. Legal requirements will vary depending upon the nature and location of the entity and its business.

5. General Information:

There is always some kind of information that can not be categorized, and such an information is included in this section. Such an information is important too and that is why it can not be ignored.

6. Employment Benefits:

During the process of hiring of an employee, the employee is required to sign some documents related to benefits package. Signing such documents will avoid any ambiguity or confusion between employees and the entity, about the coverage of benefits. 

7. Contact Information:

It is a standard procedure that every newly hired employee should provide his complete and accurate contact and other personal information.

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