30+ Creative Mission Statement Examples and Templates

A mission statement is a formal documented introduction of an organization which includes the details of its aims, goals and objectives. The history of the organization, its purpose, its target customers and many other important information is also provided in an official mission statement of an organization. To make a mission statement more effective, the entity should also highlight some special information which makes them distinctive from their competitors. Many entities also use mission statement templates for this purpose.If such mission statement templates are editable, the entity can modify them and easily use for their own purpose. If these templates are not editable, still they can be used to get an idea about creating an official mission statement.

A mission statement can be used by the readers to analyze the professionalism and potential of an entity. So it is very important that a mission statement template should have a proper layout and prepared with due diligence. The entity should also make sure that all the relevant information is included in it. Some brilliantly prepared mission statement examples and templates are provided below for you, which you can use and customize further according to your requirement. 

Detailed Mission Statement Example

Mission Statement Template

Plain Mission Statement Template

Blank Mission Statement Template

Sample Mission Statement

Mission Statement Example

Mission Statement Samples

Brief Mission Statement Example

Career Mission Statement Template

Draft Mission Statement Template

Vision Statement Worksheet

Company's Mission Statement

Significance of a Mission Statement

No matter what business you are doing, whatever unique products or services you are offering, how much investment you have made in it, the size or level of your organization, it is all just a waste of time and resources unless you don’t know how to introduce your business or entity properly. For example, if you are a very successful person say, a writer or a business tycoon, nobody knows about you unless you are introduced or you know how to properly introduce yourself. So for this purpose and countless others, the significance or importance of a mission statement can not be ignored. It can not be simply considered as just a piece of paper. Following are some of the reasons, among many, that why a mission statement is of such an importance. 

  1. The goals and targets mentioned in a mission statement provides a proper path and direction to the company. In short, we can say that a mission statement can provide answer to the ‘HOW’ question.
  2. It serves the purpose of a reminder to all the personnel of an entity, so that they should not forget the reasons why they are here. It clarifies and removes any kind of ambiguity of employees, regarding their roles and responsibilities.
  3. A mission statement ignites the decision making process of the organisation as the decisions must be made and the initiatives must be taken in order to achieve the objectives and goals.
  4.  A mission statement also assists the leadership of the entity to analyse whether they have made right or wrong decisions. If they identify that the decision made is right, then more consistency can be achieved. However, if a wrong decision is made, errors and mistakes can be rectified.
  5. A mission statement can be helpful in focusing on the future of an entity i.e, the vision. A mission and a vision are not same, but they are related to each other. A mission is actually a key to the vision of the entity, and it guides you in achieving what you want to achieve somewhere in the future. 
  6. With the help of a mission statement and the goals and objectives of the entity that are mentioned in such a mission statement, will help the management in making different teams of the workforce, for achieving different tasks. By being aware of their targets, the performance of each team will finally contribute in achieving the decided goals and objectives of the entity.
  7. Most importantly, a mission statement is helpful in keeping the organization united. It develops the thinking of the benefit of the organization as a whole, among all the members, rather than thinking about the personal gains or interests. 

Creative Mission Statement Examples

Mission Statement Worksheet Template

Mission Statement Detailed Worksheet

Colorful Vision Statement Template

Stylish Vision Statement Example

Personal Mission Statement Sample

Couple Financial Mission Statement

Decent Mission Statement Template

Lengthy Vision Statement Example

Formal Mission Statement Sample

Mission Statement Colorful Design

Elegant Mission Statement Format

Personal Mission Statement Sample

Step Wise Mission Statement Example

Corporate level Mission Statement Template

Formal Blank Mission Statement Format

Mission Statement Guide and Worksheet

Personal Mission Statement Example

Entity's Mission Statement Template

Important Elements of a Mission Statement

Following are some of the key elements that should be included in an effective mission statement:

  • Discuss the value of the business to both the customers and employees.
  • The inspiration for people to work for your entity.
  • Discuss the plausibility of the business.
  • Be specific about your principal activities.
  • Discuss the value added by your business.
  • Inspiration for the people to buy your products or services.

How to create an effective Mission Statement

There are many ways of creating an effective and attractive mission statements. Some of the tips for creating one are given below:

  • Communicate the mission of the entity in just a few sentences.
  • Don’t use too much technical or complex language. The language of the mission statement should be simple and understandable.
  • Avoid writing details in long paragraphs and keep the information brief and concise.
  • The mission statement must be written in such a way so as it clearly shows the long term goals or objectives of the entity.
  • Don’t include statements which just limits your business as the ultimate purpose of a business should always be to expand.
  • Don’t hesitate to take opinions from your employees about the mission statement. Carefully consider their suggestions or advice.
  • Always welcome the change. If, with changing times, you realize that the existing mission statement is no longer suitable or appropriate, it is time to modify it or write a new one. 

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