20+ Editable and Stylish Membership Cards Templates

A certain club or any other organization, sometimes require the people to become their official members if they wish to join and become part of that club or organization. Any such membership is awarded and recognized through an official membership card of that club or organization. Such a club or organization can always opt to use a stylish membership card template for this purpose. A membership card given by a profit making entity usually offers discounts and other promotions to its customers. On the other hand, a membership card of a not for profit entity e.g, a social club, provides membership as well as other privileges to its members. We do hope that you will like these 20+ free membership card templates. 

Many people feel proud of being a part of a certain club or society. A membership card is a type of license that would allow the members to not only just enter the club but to also enjoy the services offered by the club. Moreover, such membership cards also allow the members to become part of the functions and events hosted by the club. A membership card template can be of any design and style depending upon the choice and type of the organization. Here we provide you with some amazing editable membership card templates that are free to download and use.

Simple Gold Membership Card

VIP Membership Card Template

Club's Membership Card Template

Simple Gym Membership Card Template

Fitness Center Membership Card

Bright Membership Card Template

Blank Format Membership Card Template

Cool Looking Membership Card Template

Institute's Membership Card Template

Training Center Membership Card

Association's Membership Card Template

Special Membership Card Template

Fitness Club Membership Card Template

Essential Information on a Membership Card

A membership card is not just some ordinary card but it is a very important thing for a member as it makes him/her feel special. So, it is very important that the card should be designed and created in a professional way and it should look attractive. If we talk about the information and details that should be added in a membership card, consider including the following key information:

Details of the Entity that offers membership:

  • Name of the entity.
  • Logo of the entity.
  • Website of the entity, if any.
  • Contact details.

Details of the person to whom membership is given:

  • Person’s name.
  • His signatures.
  • Contact Details.
  • A particular Bar code.

Details of Membership:

  • Date of commencement.
  • Date of expiration.
  • Terms and Conditions of Use.
  • Special Rates and Offers.
  • Special Discounts.

Depending on the type of entity, any relevant and important detail and information can be included in a membership card. However, the information provided above should always be included in any kind of membership card.

Stylish Membership Card Templates

Decent Looking Membership Card Template

Simple Looking Membership Card Template

Cool Membership Card Template

Official Membership Card Template

Typical Membership Card Template

Corporate Membership Card Template

Simple Membership Card Template

Sports Club Membership Card Template

Student Counsel Membership Card

Sample Membership Card Template

Medicare Membership Card Template

Simple VIP Membership Card Template

Organizations that use Membership Cards

In the modern world, almost every person is a member of an organization, entity or a club. The person gives an amount known as ‘subscription’ to the organization, in return to which, he receives a unique membership card from the organization. Following are some of the organizations that use their particular membership cards:

  • Social Clubs
  • Army
  • Co-operative Societies
  • Fan Clubs
  • Gym Centers
  • Luxury Spas
  • Brands
  • Fitness Clubs
  • Sports Clubs
  • Boy Scouts
  • Medicare Centers
  • Daycare Centers
  • Counsels
  • Associations
  • Institutions

In the above mentioned organizations, some of them give memberships for life time and some of them provide memberships for a limited period. After the expiration of that period, you have to renew your membership in order to continue to be the member of that organization.

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