43 BEST Logic Model Templates

A logic model is a special document of a business that is used for visual presentation of of your ideas and efforts and how such ideas or efforts will work effectively in a given situation. It requires skills and expertise to create this model. So, in order to save time and effort, many entities prefer to use logic model templates for this purpose.

A logic model template can be designed or drafted in any way. The details and information provided in logic model templates may vary depending upon the nature of projects or problems being faced. However there are some essential elements that must be included in a logic model, which are discussed below in detail.

So, make sure to scroll down and check out the given below logic model templates that you can easily use for free.

Detailed Logic Model Template

Blank Logic Model Template

Example Logic Model Template

University's Logic Model Template

Program Logic Model Template

Simple Logic Model Template

Catchy Logic Model Template

Special Logic Model Template

Illustrative Logic Model Template

Complete Logic Model Template

Sample Logic Model Template

Specific Logic Model Template

Formal Logic Model Template

Logic Model Format Template

Extensive Logic Model Template

Essential Elements of a Logic Model Template

A logic model template can be drafted or created in any way that suits you best. The content and information in it depends upon your particular task, project or program. No matter how you format your logic model, it is necessary to include the following essential elements in it.

1. Opening statement:

The opening statement should include the issue or task for which a logic model is required.

2. Input:

This will be the resources required or available for completion of a task or for resolving an issue. The ‘resources’ means all the necessary resources like material and workforce etc., that will be required or available for the job.

3. Actions:

In this section, the necessary steps that will be taken or activities that will be performed during the whole project, by using the available resources, are specified.

4. Tactics or Schemes:

After the actions or activities are specified, the tactics or schemes of performing those actions are devised. These tactics must be carefully planned so as to be able to effectively and efficiently perform the task.

5. End Results:

In this section, the end results or outcomes are mentioned, that are expected to be achieved by performing actions in accordance with the planned tactics or schemes and using available resources.

6. Impacts:

At the end of the logic plan, the impacts of the results that are anticipated to be occurred over time, must be written down in detail.

It is your choice to include the ‘impact’ section along with the ‘end results’ section or it can be included as a separate section.

Sample Logic Model Templates

Elegant Logic Model Template

Plain Logic Model Template

Logic Model Blank Template

Project's Logic Model Template

Particular Logic Model Template

Elaborated Logic Model Template

Logic Model Sample Template

Logic Model Diagram Template

Brief Logic Model Template

Regular Logic Model Template

Colorful Logic Model Template

Thorough Logic Model Template

Logic Model Example Template

Exclusive Logic Model Template

Importance of a Logic Model Template

A logic model template is a very important document of an entity, for following reasons:

  • A logic model can be used to make sure that those who are responsible for funding the project are fully aware of the key activities to be performed, expected results and the impacts of those results.
  • Such a model or plan ensures all the persons associated to the project clearly know about the targets or goals of the project and are on the same page in this matter.
  • It is also a great way to make sure that the design of an existing program or project is still acceptable under current conditions.
  • With the help of a logic model, it can easily be evaluated that the expected end results of the program or project are still reasonable and logical.
  • Such a model indicates whether or not a specific area requires adjustment or more effort or support.
  • A logic model is an effective way to communicate the program or project to internal as well as external collaborators or stakeholders.
  • With an effective logic model at hand, the actual results can easily be evaluated and compared with the expected results and any improvements or alterations can be made.

More Logic Model Templates

Attractive Logic Model Template

Logic Model Workbook Template

Model Logic Model Template

Basic Logic Model Template

Vibrant Logic Model Template

Logic Model Worksheet Template

Elemental Logic Model Template

Formal Logic Model Template

Sample Logic Model Template

Important Logic Model Template

Logic Model Guidance Template

Useful Logic Model Template

Usual Logic Model Template

Effective Logic Model Template

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