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Death is a harsh reality and a bitter truth of this world that everyone has to accept someday. No matter how close a certain person is to us, we cannot bring him back once he departs from this world. Just the times spent together and all the memories and moments are left afterwards. So, in order to commemorate a person, his life and his achievements, a speech is given, usually at his funeral ceremony, that is known simply as an eulogy. For this purpose, some people also use an editable eulogy template so as to customize it and make it use-able.

An eulogy is usually given by a relative or a close friend of the deceased. However, an outsider, such as a religious person, can also give an eulogy. An eulogy must not be kept too lengthy. It is recommended to be in between 5 to 15 minutes, and no longer than that. More than one persons can also give an eulogy, for example, every child or friend of the deceased can speak shortly about him. In this article, you can find some best quality editable eulogy templates below (30+ Templates).

Aunt's Eulogy Template

Grandma's Eulogy Template

Grandpa's Eulogy Template

Sample Eulogy Template

Multiple Eulogies Template

Special Eulogy Template

Anniversary Eulogy Template

Exclusive Eulogy Template

Example Eulogy Template

Wife's Eulogy Template

Colleague's Eulogy Template

Dad's Eulogy Template

Historical Eulogy Template

Steve Job's Eulogy Template

Daughter's Eulogy Template

Tips for Writing an Effective Eulogy

An eulogy template is not an official document and that is why it has no standard format or layout. However, it is recommended to keep it brief and to the point. As mentioned earlier, an eulogy can be given by one or more persons together. For example:

  • One person can talk about childhood memories and earlier years of the deceased.
  • Some other person, like a colleague, can talk about the professional life and career of the deceased.
  • Another person may talk about his behavior and memorable habits.
  • Someone can talk about his achievements and some important events of his life.

An eulogy can be composed in any best possible way. However, following are some general tips for writing an effective eulogy:

  • Shortly explain some important events happened in the life of deceased person, in a chronological order like, graduating from college, marriage, starting of a business or his first job etc.
  • Think and write down your memorable moments and experiences with the deceased. You can also ask his close friends or colleagues if they have any of his favorite memory to share, and make it a part of your eulogy template.
  • In your eulogy template, make sure to include and share any key advice or some important life lesson given to you by the deceased.
  • Enlist the things that were very dear to the deceased or things about which, he/she was very passionate. You can also add some stories related to such things, in your eulogy template.
  • Gather all the information, thoughts, memories and ideas and enlist them. Carefully review the list and finally decide which things you would like to incorporate in your speech.

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