23+ Practical Employment Contract Templates

Almost all of the companies have their own specific employment contract templates, that they use each time whenever they hire a new employee. Of course, minor changes or adjustments will be made while hiring employees for different departments. But the overall layout or style of such an employment contract shall remain same.

An employment contract template consists of an employment agreement that is formed between the employer and the employee at the time of employee’s recruitment. All the employees, at the time of their recruitment, are required to sign such an agreement, so as to make it legally enforceable.

An employment contract consists of all the rights and responsibilities of an employee as well as the employer. When both the employee and the employer signs an employment contract, it indicates that both the parties were on the same page at the time of formation of such contract.

In this article, you can check out the given below useful and practical employment contract templates provided for you. You can also download and use these templates for free.

International Employment Contract Template

Teacher's Employment Contract Template

Example Employment Contract

Freelance Work's Contract Template

Detailed Employment Contract Template

Agency Employment Contract Template

Individual Employment Contract

Brief Employment Contract Template

Comprehensive Employment Contract Template

Professional Employment Contract Template

Basic Employment Contract Template

Blank Employment Contract

Employment Contract Draft Template

Essential Sections of an Employment Contract Template

The content of an employment contract depends on the nature of the job position. The basic purpose of an employment contract is to provide details of rights and duties of both employee and employer, and the details of job position.

It should be assured that every important detail, related to the employment, is included in such an employment contract. For this purpose, following sections can be considered to be included in an employment contract template.

  • Full names of both the parties to the contract i.e, employer and employee.
  • Job position or job title.
  • Job description (in detail).
  • Contract duration.
  • Work hours or schedule.
  • Company policies.
  • Pay and other perquisites.
  • Terms and conditions.
  • Consequences of termination of contract.
  • Date of entering into contract.
  • Signatures of both the parties.

Apart from the items enlisted above, an employment contract template can always include any other relevant or important details and sections in it. 

Formal Employment Contract Templates

Sample Employment Contract Template

Unique Employment Contract Template

Significant Employment Contract Template

Temporary Employment Contract Template

Employment Contract Form Template

Typical Employment Contract

Part time Employment Contract Template

Informative Employment Contract Template

Plain Employment Contract Template

Draft Employment Contract Template

Executive Employment Contract Template

Example Employment Contract Template

Reasons for having an Employment Contract

The given below reasons will signify the importance of having an employment contract:

  • An employment contract is an effective tool in protecting the employer’s business from any damage or threat.
  • A signed employment contract indicates that both the parties to the contract are fully aware of their rights and duties.
  • An employment contract is a great source to evaluate whether the employee or employer exceeded his authority and committed a breach of such contract.
  • An employment contract is an effective way to provide job security to an employee.
  • All the terms, conditions and obligations of an employment are clearly specified through an employment contract.
  • As an employment contract is legally enforceable, both the employer and employee are bound by law to oblige all the terms and conditions of such a contract.
  • Many employment contracts also include a confidentiality statement, that is helpful in protecting the business secrets of the employer.

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