25 Editable Employee Recognition Letter Templates

If you are looking for employee recognition letter templates, then you are at the right place. But before going straight to those templates, let’s briefly see what an employee recognition letter is? An employee recognition letter is a letter that is given by an employer to its employee(s) on their beyond expected performance. Whenever an employee works with extra dedication and plays an important part in the overall progress of the organization, then he is given a special employee recognition letter, sometimes along with other rewards such as a bonus or promotion etc.

The main purpose of any such letter is to make the employee realize that the employer is satisfied and appreciates the employee’s hard work and dedication for the organization. The employer may use an employee recognition letter template for this purpose instead of writing individual employee recognition letters for each employee. However as an employer, make sure to use an editable template so that you can customize it a bit every time.

Every employee tries to do his best at the work. The employees can also do so for getting an incentive, but it is not necessarily to be the case every time. However, when an employee gets a recognition letter from his employer, it naturally gives them motivation and make them feel better. The design and format of the employee recognition template also plays and important role here. Moreover, as a result of such a recognition, the employees tend to work even harder. So, that is why an employee recognition letter is an important document. Following are some of the best quality editable employee recognition letter templates provided for you.

Simple Employee Recognition Letter Template

Detailed Employee Recognition Letter Template

Company's Employee Recognition Letter Template

Example Employee Recognition Letter Template

Employee Recognition Letter Format Template

Special Employee Recognition Letter Template

Useful Employee Recognition Letter Template

Brief Employee Recognition Letter Template

Blank Employee Recognition Letter Template

Sample Employee Recognition Letter Template

Standard Employee Recognition Letter Template

Semi-formal Employee Recognition Letter Template

Exceptional Employee Recognition Letter Template

How to write an effective Employee Recognition Letter

An employee recognition letter is a very effective tool in establishing a strong relationships between the employer and its employees. When the employees know that their employer recognizes their efforts and hard work, such a gesture shall have a deep impact on the overall productivity and positivity of the environment of the organization. 

From the employer’s perspective, it is recommended that you should award your employees on their overall performance or on basis of their performance on a particular project or task. Even if you can’t give gifts to your employees, at least they deserve a special recognition letter from you. Therefore, it is important that an employee recognition letter should be very effective and it must be written in a proper professional manner.

Following are some of the useful tips for writing an effective employee recognition letter:

  • Particularly discuss the employee’s behavior that you would like to encourage, using specific details.
  • Write a thank you statement to depict your gratitude to the employee for his contribution in the overall progress of the organization and achievement of its goals.
  • Such a letter of recognition should be sent to the employee as soon as he has performed the task or shown the behavior that you would like to encourage.
  • You can either send a hard copy of an employee recognition letter or you can also send such a letter via email to your employee.
  • It is better to send different letters each time you want to encourage your employee rather than just sending the same template to everyone. 

More Employee Recognition Letter Templates

Formal Employee Recognition Letter Template

Short Employee Recognition Letter Template

Typical Employee Recognition Letter Template

Lengthy Employee Recognition Letter Template

Fellow Employee Recognition Letter Template

Informal Employee Recognition Letter Template

Entity's Employee Recognition Letter Template

Employee Recognition Letter Draft Template

Elementary Employee Recognition Letter Template

Specific Employee Recognition Letter Template

Effective Employee Recognition Letter Template

Ideal Employee Recognition Letter Template

Types of an Employee Recognition Letter

Following are some of the common types of an employee recognition letter:

Formal Employee Recognition Letter:

This type of letter is written in a proper formal style and its content is strictly formal. Such a letter is given to the high rank employees such as managers or other executives. A recognition letter means equal to all the employees whether they are managers or their sub-ordinates. 

Semi-formal Employee Recognition Letter:

A semi formal letter has a slight formal tone. We can say that it is in between a formal and an informal employee recognition letter. Such a letter can be given to employees which are immediate sub-ordinates of managers such as supervisors or job in-charge etc. 

Informal Employee Recognition Letter:

Such a letter has no formal layout, content and tone. You just recognize the contributions of the employee in an informal letter. Such a type of employee recognition letter can be presented to employees like trainees or junior staff etc. 

Thank You Letter:

Sometimes a simple thank you letter from an employer to its employees is important enough for the employees. When a superior at the top of the organizational hierarchy appreciates the works and efforts of his sub-ordinates, such a gesture in itself becomes an achievement for the employees.

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