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Deal memo templates are most commonly used in film making industry. A deal memo is basically a document that shows the relevant details of contract that is created between a production company and the cast and crew of a film. A deal memo template is just like an employment agreement. The basic purpose of using a deal memo is to provide protection and security to the parties involved in a project. It is advised to create a simple deal memo so that everyone is completely able to understand terms of the contract and their responsibilities.

A deal memo is not an actual contract but it acts as a binding agreement to the original contract.In this article, you will get some best quality deal memo templates for free. So, make sure to scroll down and check out these editable templates. Keep visiting this page for more new templates. 

Crew Deal Memo Template

Custom Deal Memo Template

Detailed Deal Memo Template

Deal Memo Form Template

Routine Deal Memo Template

Performer Deal Memo Template

Basic Deal Memo Template

Sample Deal Memo Template

Prodcuer's Deal Memo Template

Blank Deal Memo Template

Contractor's Deal Memo Template

Director's Deal Memo Template

Production Company's Deal Memo Template

Director of Photography's Deal Memo Template

When a Deal Memo Template is Needed?

A deal memo template will be more effective and useful if you know where and when to use a deal memo. A deal memo template is typically required for:

1. Directors: 

For any film, a director is its back bone. He plays an important part in every other fields like, selecting actors or other cast members and directing the technicians etc.

But like any other member, he is also a part of the film’s crew. So, it is important that a director must sign a deal memo template, in order to let him know and remind his deal with the production company.

2. Actors:

A deal memo template must be signed by all the actors so that their rights and rights of the production company are protected.

In the presence of such a document, it is not possible for the actors to just leave the project without any reason. Likewise, it is also not possible for the production company to fire the actors without any concrete reason.

3. Crew Members:

These are the individuals or companies that the production company hires for a particular task or purpose like, assistants, technicians or make-up artists etc. These people also play an important part in the completion of a film project.

So, before hiring them, it is important to make them sign the deal memo. It will indicate that the crew members are fully aware of their rights and responsibilities.

4. Protecting the Content:

The production company must make sure that everyone, who is a part of the project, must sign the deal memo template. Here, the purpose is to protect their content and any other project details, and keep them confidential. 

5. Employees:

The companies or any other entities may also use deal memo templates for employees. Such a document can be used at the time of hiring an employee or at the time of assigning a specific task or activity to him.

6. Other Purposes:

As mentioned earlier, a deal memo template is mostly used in film making industry. However, that does not mean that it can not be used elsewhere. It can be perfectly used for other general purpose or for some other type of deals.

Useful Deal Memo Templates

Weekly Deal Memo Template

Simple Deal Memo Template

Example Deal Memo Template

Cast Deal Memo Template

Crew Member's Deal Memo Template

Short Deal Memo Template

Scheduled Deal Memo Template

Writer's Deal Memo Template

Sponsor's Deal Memo Template

Particular Deal Memo Template

Videographer's Deal Memo Template

Employee's Deal Memo Template

Contract Deal Memo Template

Sample Deal Memo Template

Importance of a Deal Memo Template

A deal memo template is an important document signed between the cast & crew members and production company. It’s not just an ordinary paper, but includes important details relevant to a film or any other project.

When everything is in proper writing, it will be best for everyone. The signatures on a deal memo template, of all the persons involved in a project, is the evidence that they agree to perform their promises for a particular project. After that, everyone is bound by law to perform their respective parts.

The basic purpose of a deal memo template is to make sure that no harm is done to any party by the breach of agreement committed by any other party. So, with such a document at place, it is quite easy to protect the rights of all the parties involved in the project.

Whenever a person is creating something or working on a specific project, it is his right to keep that project or task confidential. So, a deal memo template can also be used to keep the important details and information of a project confidential.

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