32 BEST Customer List Templates

Every business of the world needs customers on regular basis. Of course, where there are no customers, there will be no business. So, it is important to keep a track or record of your customers.For this purpose, most of the businesses use their own customer list templates. A customer list is an official record of the persons who have purchased your products or acquired your services, as the case maybe. Even if a person has purchased your product or acquired your services for once, he should be a part of your customer list or customer database. In other words, whether it is a one time customer or a repetitive customer, his details should be on the entity’s customer list template.

In accounting terms, a customer list is recognized as an intangible asset and is properly accounted for just like any other asset of business. A customer list is of a great importance especially in case of a merger or acquisition. Whenever a business is acquired or merged with another business, a customer list is one of the most important asset to consider. In order to understand more about the customer list, make sure to check out the given below customer list templates. You can also edit and use these templates for your own purpose.

Company's Customer List Template

Proper Customer List Template

Clinic's Customer List Template

Short Customer List Template

Special Customer List Template

Extensive Customer List Template

Health Center Customer List Template

Formal Catchy Customer List Template

Organization's Customer List

Standard Customer List Template

Official Customer List Template

Sample Customer List Template

Highlighted Customer List Template

Modern Customer List Template

Simple Customer List Template

Useful Customer List Template

Tips for creating a Customer List

Following are some of the useful tips for creating an official customer list template:

1. Client Base:

Carefully set a client base for your business. For this purpose, you should properly analyze that where your products or services are required and then target that section. You can also create detailed customer profiles to learn more about your customers. In case of any type of business, the most important thing is to build a reputation of your business among the initial customers.

2. Feedback:

In order to build strong and long lasting relationships with your customers, make sure you demand their feedback. It enables you to further analyze what your customer actually wants from you. It also makes the customers to realize that there suggestions and recommendations have some value for you so they will likely to give you an honest feedback. 

3. Honor the customers’ loyalty:

Don’t ever forget to respect and honor your loyal customers, as it will not just make the existing customers happy, but it can also attract more people towards your products or services. You can do so by offering great deals, special discounts or some other promotions so that they can feel their importance for you.

4. Treat you customers as people:

Although the customers are the ones who provide you business, but since they are people, you should treat them like so. Keep in mind that your customers are people and not business and if you will not treat them to their satisfaction, you will be likely to lose them sooner or later. While dealing with your customers, you should be honest, fair and patient with them. 

5. Connect with your Customers:

It is very important to develop a connection with your customers. In the modern world, the best way to connect with your customers is through social media and email. Make the customers to follow you on every social media like, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and many others etc. Make sure that the customers sign up with you on your business’s official website so that they can easily get all the information about your special offers or upcoming events through emails.

Useful Customer List Templates

Basic Customer List Template

New Customer List Template

Official Customer List Template

Colored Customer List Template

Unique Customer List Template

Customer List Format Template

Short Customer List Template

Routine Customer List Template

Draft Customer List Template

Particular Customer List Template

Detailed Customer List Template

Proper Customer List Template

Conventional Customer List

Authorized Customer List Template

Trader's Customer List Template

Audit Client's List Template

Benefits of a Customer List

Following are some of the common benefits of having an official customer list at place.

1. Bonding with the Brand:

A customer list will help in creating a bond of customers with the brand. If your brand is familiar, the customers are likely to buy from you. It will be possible only when you know who your customers are and meet their demands or requirements, they will love to choose you every time.

2. Customer Loyalty:

With a proper customer list at place, you can easily highlight and analyze your most loyal customers. By determining your loyal customers, you can manage to give them special treatments like gifts or special offers etc. Such a gesture will likely to increase their loyalty towards you and in return, you will also be able to get more business.

3. Improvement in Customer Service:

A customer list will also help you to improve your customer service. When you have the necessary information like buying behavior and customer reviews on regular basis, you will be updated with the needs and demands of your customers. All this exercise will ultimately help to improve your customer service.

4. Linking to Customers:

As mentioned earlier, a customer list or customer database is a record of actual customers that have purchased your products or acquired your services any time in the past. With the help of such a record, you can easily know that these are the verified customers and they are already interested in your products or services. So, it will help you to create a direct link to your customers.

5. Introduction of New Products or Services:

Before official launch of a new product or a service in the market, it is wise to choose a small segment of audience to provide the product for testing purposes. After that, you can get feedback from those people and make necessary amendments or changes in it before its official launch. For this purpose, it is important to choose the audience from your official customer list instead of choosing the people who are not your customers. By selecting the people from your customer list, you can expect some honest and helpful feedback that will help in improving the product.

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