34 Useful Copyright Notice Templates

A copyright notice is a statement that informs people that they can’t use, reuse or copy your material or work without your permission. Writing a copyright notice is a bit technical and so that is why many individuals or organizations mostly use a copyright notice template. A copyright notice template allows you to customize and send the notice to anyone who is reusing or misusing your product or any other property without your approval. But first of all, let’s briefly know why and when a copyright notice is sent to someone.

Inventing a product, writing a book or developing a website is not so easy. It requires a lot of time and effort and in some case, money too. Once you complete such a book, invention or a website, you will never want your product or intellectual property to be misused or reused without your consent. However if someone does so, you need to immediately send him a copyright notice. 

Following copyright notice templates will help you more clearly understand the significance of a copyright notice. You can also download these 34 free templates and easily edit them in order to use for your own purpose.

Detailed Copyright Notice Template

Company's Copyright Notice

Basic Copyright Notice Template

Short Copyright Notice Template

Disclaimer & Copyright Notice Template

Straight-forward Copyright Notice Template

Elementary Copyright Notice Template

Cooporation's Copyright Notice Template

Institute's Copyright Notice Template

Website Copyright Notice Template

Artist's Copyright Notice Template

Official Copyright Notice Template

Particular Copyright Notice Template

Exclusive Copyright Notice Template

Elaborated Copyright Notice Template

Copyright Notice Statement Template

Short Copyright Notice Template

Steps of Formatting a Copyright Notice

A copyright notice must be written professionally so that if a person uses your material without your permission, he cannot afterwards, claim that his violation of copyright was innocent. Following are some useful steps of formatting an effective copyright notice.

  1. Begin your copyright notice by writing a small case letter ‘c’ within the parenthesis like this, “(c)”. You can also use a symbol like this, “Ⓒ” or simply the word “copyright”.
  2. After writing the letter or using the symbol as mentioned above, insert a space and mention the current year like “Ⓒ 2020” or “(c) 2020” or “copyright 2020” etc. If the material or work for which a copyright notice is to be sent, is a new edition of an work earlier, you should also mention the earlier year, following a comma and a space e.g, “Ⓒ 2018, 2020”.
  3. After mentioning the current year, write down your legal name after inserting a space like, “(c) 2020 Mark Slater”. However, if you have a partner in your work, mention his name too like this, “(c) 2020 Mark Slater and John Doe”.
  4. You can also add the phrase “All rights reserved”. However, it is no longer legally required but still appears in almost all copyright notices. It will be like this “All rights reserved (c) 2020 Mark Slater”.
  5. An unpublished work can also be protected by writing as such in the copyright notice: “Unpublished work (c) 2020 Mark Slater”.
  6. In case of a book, a copyright notice can either be placed at the end of the book or at the start of the book. In case of website, a copyright disclaimer can be included as a separate section.

Constructive Copyright Notice Templates

Academy's Copyright Notice Template

Professional Copyright Notice Template

Online Copyright Notice Template

Business's Copyright Notice

Internet Copyright Notice Template

Bank's Copyright Notice Template

IT Company's Copyright Notice Template

Conventional Copyright Notice Template

Standard Copyright Notice Template

Formal Copyright Notice Template

Intellectual Property's Copyright Notice

University's Copyright Notice Template

Meticulous Copyright Notice Template

Comprehensive Copyright Notice Template

Entity's Copyright Notice Template

IFRS based Copyright Notice

Significant Copyright Notice Template

Importance of a Copyright Notice

Following are some of the important reasons that why a copyright notice is required:

  • In order to take legal actions against a person using or copying your material, you should always require a copyright notice.
  • It is used to prevent plagiarism and other violations.
  • A copyright notice is also used to clarify the people that a particular work belongs to you and it is subject to copyright.
  • You can also use it to declare your rights to the public at large.
  • In case of a legal proceeding, a copyright notice will be a sufficient evidence against the person using or copying your work or material without your permission.

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