45+ Official Contract Amendment Templates

This article is related to contract amendment and contract amendment templates. But before that, it is important to know what a contract amendment actually is.

A contract amendment is a separate legal document that contains the amendments or alterations to an original and already existing contract. If a particular contract allows, it can be altered or modified by adding a separate contract amendment to it, with the agreement of all the parties to the contract.

A contract amendment can be lengthy or it can be short depending upon the number of amendments made or to be made in a particular contract. Sometimes drafting a contract amendment can be difficult and time consuming. So in these situations, the parties to contract can use ready made contract amendment templates that comes in handy.

For more information and details, make sure to scroll down and check out the given below free contract amendment templates provided for you.

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Special Contract Amendment Templates

Simple Contract Amendment Template

University's Contract Amendment Template

Contract Amendment Form Template

Detailed Contract Amendment Template

Contract Amendment Price Sheet Template

Short Contract Amendment Template

Blank Contract Amendment Template

Exclusive Contract Amendment Template

Brief Contract Addendum Template

Blank Contract Addendum Template

Particular Contract Addendum Template

Employment Contract Amendment Template

How to draft a Contract Amendment?

A contract amendment can be drafted or created in any way depending upon the amendments or modifications to be made. Remember that making the amendments to a contract does not mean that it replaces the whole contract.

The original contract will remain  same and it will have the same legal enforceability. It is also important to remember that a contract amendment will only be legal if it is made or drafted with the consent of all the parties to the contract.

For creating a contract amendment, three methods are used. You can choose any one of these three methods or you may use these methods together, as it suits you. These three methods are given below:

1. Visual Amendments:

In this method, alterations or amendments to an original contract are indicated through underlines, strike-throughs or by crossing out any element. For every amendment or modification, a short statement is written just before it.

2. Indicating the Amendments Only:

In this second method, the changes or amendments that are required to be made, are identified directly. This method of creating a contract amendment is very short and quick.

3. Replacement of the Whole Part:

The third method of contract amendment involves the complete replacement of the whole part i.e, a section or a clause. All you have to do is to indicate which clause is replaced and then, just include the new clause in its palce. 

Useful Contract Amendment Templates

Specific Addendum to Agreement Template

Publication Agreement Addendum Template

Addendum to Employment Contract Template

Sample Amendment to Contract Template

Service Agreement Amendment Template

Existing Contract Addendum Template

Exclusive Contract Amendment Template

Sample Addendum to Contract Template

Institute's Contract Amendment Template

Example Contract Amendment Template

Complete Contract Amendment Template

Real Estate Contract Addendum Template

Tips to consider while drafting a Contract Amendment Template

Following are some important tips to consider while drafting a contract amendment template:

  • Before consenting and signing a contract amendment, it is important to carefully review all of its provisions, sections, terms and conditions.
  • If some changes or amendments are still required, make sure to note them so that you will be able to make these amendments on timely basis.
  • In order to save time and reduce the chances of missing anything, it is appropriate to list down all of the amendments that, in your opinion, are important to consider.
  • You must also be able to anticipate that what will be the possible impacts of the alterations or amendments, on the existing rights and duties of the parties to contract.
  • Make sure to mention the correct times and dates while drafting a contract amendment.

Sample Contract Amendment Templates

Medicare Advantage Contract Amendment Template

Particular Contract Amendment Template

Contract Amendment Format Template

Example Contract Amendment Template

Limited Contract Amendment Template

Extensive Contract Amendment Template

Typical Contract Amendment Template

Draft Contract Amendment Template

Construction Company's Contract Amendment Template

Example Professional Contract Amendment Template

Company's Contract Amendment Template

Contract Amendment Sample Form Template

Other things to Consider

For contract amendment, there are many other important things to consider. Some of them are briefly explained below:

Contract Amendment vs Contract Addendum:

It is very important to know the difference between an amendment and an addendum as they are often mixed for one another.


An amendment to a contract is an alteration or modification in the terms and conditions or some clauses or any other parts of a contract. The amendments can only be made by the original parties to the contract.


An addendum is basically an addition of content or information to an existing contract. An addendum can also be added by any other person even if he is not a party to the contract. 

When Amendments or Alterations are not allowed?

If it is expressly stated in a particular contract that no alterations or amendments will be allowed, then in case of such contracts, the parties to the contract can not make any changes or modifications in it. 

The parties to the contract are restricted to perform their obligations as long as the contract remains fair and legal.

Amendments before a Contract is Signed:

In case the amendments or alterations are made before signing a contract, then there will be no need for contract amendment. Any changes made before signing a contract are not ‘amendments’ but instead, they become the part of the original contract.

Amendments after a Contract is Signed:

When the parties to a contract have agreed and signed a contract, then the amendments or changes required to be made after signing the contract can not be made easily. 

The reason is that the parties may have started to perform their respective promises or one of the party is not in favor of carrying out any amendments. As mentioned earlier, without the consent of all the parties to the contract, any amendments or changes can not be made.

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