32 FREE Cohabitation Agreement Templates

In modern times, many couples choose to live with each other without getting married. This kind of a relationship is known as a cohabitation relationship and it is very common now a days. For this purpose, the persons in such a relationship draft an agreement known as a cohabitation agreement. A cohabitation agreement template sets out different terms and conditions of a cohabitation relationship. Such an agreement states all the important and relevant matters like who will be responsible for paying bills or how the mutual expenses will be paid up by both the parties etc.

Such a relation is also known as live-in relationship or a pre-marital relationship. By whatever name it is called, a cohabitation agreement, when signed by both parties with mutual consent, becomes legally binding upon them. Moreover, ending a cohabitation agreement is also quite simple and easy as compared to a divorce between a married couple. Just like they enter into a cohabitation agreement with mutual understanding, the parties to the agreement can similarly end their cohabitation relationship with same understanding and mutual consent. In this article, you can easily download and use some best quality editable cohabitation agreement templates for free.

Best Cohabitation Agreement Templates

Premarital Agreement Form Template

Sample Cohabitation Agreement Template

State Specific Premarital Agreement Template

Cohabitation Agreement Provisions Template

Cohabitation Agreement Intake Form Template

Extensive Cohabitation Agreement Template

Basic Cohabitation Agreement Template

Detailed Cohabitation Agreement Template

Particular Cohabitation Agreement Template

Special Cohabitation Agreement Template

Standard Cohabitation Agreement Template

Elementary Cohabitation Agreement Template

Law Firm's Cohabitation Agreement Template

Typical Cohabitation Agreement Template

Lengthy Cohabitation Agreement Template

Sample Cohabitation Agreement Template

Essential Elements of a Cohabitation Agreement Template

With mutual consent and understanding, both the parties involved in a cohabitation relationship may include any terms or conditions in a cohabitation agreement. Following are some of the essential elements of a formal cohabitation agreement template.

  • The complete title of the agreement like “Cohabitation Agreement” or any other appropriate title that shows the purpose of such an agreement.
  • The complete names of both the parties involved along with the details of their residence.
  • That date at which the parties enter into contract.
  • A brief statement clearly indicating that the parties to the agreement have decided to live with each other, with mutual consent of both the parties.
  • The exact date at which the parties decided and started to live together.
  • A brief statement that shows the parties have entered into a cohabitation agreement, in order to determine the status, possession and division of property possessed or acquired or to be acquired by either party or by both the parties jointly.
  • A statement explaining how the property or assets acquired together during such relationship, will be divided or disposed of if the couples split up.
  • Such an agreement should also state that in case a cohabitation agreement comes to an end, then how come the debts, incurred separately or jointly, by both the parties, will be dealt with.
  • The parties to such an agreement must acknowledge to the fact that in case of their breakup, any distribution or division of property will be in accordance with the agreement and the relevant provisions of the law of state.
  • Mention whether or not any party to the agreement will be entitled to a support in the event of breakup.
  • Mention whether or not, the inheritance rights will be provided to each party or either party. It is required to be done only if each party has its own “Last Will” and “Testament” available.
  • State the amount of support that will be paid for minor children. if any.
  • Both the parties will affix their signatures on such a cohabitation agreement, in the presence of a witness.

Useful Cohabitation Agreement Templates

Formal Cohabitation Agreement Template

Cohabitation Agreement Format Template

Illustrative Cohabitation Agreement Template

Comprehensive Cohabitation Agreement Template

Plain Cohabitation Agreement

Detailed Live-in Agreement Template

Basic Cohabitation Agreement Form Template

Elaborated Cohabitation Agreement Template

Proper Cohabitation Agreement Template

Basic Premarital Agreement Template

Thorough Cohabitation Agreement Template

Particular Cohabitation Agreement Template

Regular Cohabitation Agreement Template

Elemental Cohabitation Agreement Template

Example Cohabitation Agreement Template

Complete Cohabitation Agreement Template

Difference between Cohabitation Agreement and Marriage

There are many factors which make a cohabitation agreement different or distinctive from a marriage. Some of these important points are given below:

Cohabitation Agreement

  1. Two parties can easily enter into a cohabitation relationship regardless of time, age and gender, without any legal or formal requirements.
  2. If things are not working out, such type of relationships can be ended informally, with just a mutual agreement or understanding between the parties involved.
  3. At the end of such a relationship, the parties involved can share their property in any way they want to, with mutual consent.
  4. The parties to a cohabitation agreement are not legally bound to support each other by law, after the relationship comes to an end, unless there is a contract between them to provide such support.
  5. If any child is born during a cohabitation relationship, the father of that child shall have to prove his paternity i.e, through blood tests etc.
  6. Similarly, in a cohabitation relationship, it is not a legal obligation of the male cohabitant to support the child unless the paternity is established. Otherwise, he may opt to do so voluntarily.
  7. In such a relationship, if one of the party dies, the surviving party has no right to the deceased party’s property or will. Such party will pass to the person mentioned in the will of the deceased party. However, in the absence of such a will, the property of the deceased will ultimately pass to his family members.
  8. When a cohabitation relationship comes to an end and the child’s parentage is established, the non-custodial parent is required to support the child in the same way as divorced parents do.


  1. For a marriage, many legal requirements and formalities, for different states, is required to be fulfilled. It also involves acquiring a license to marry, considering the minimum age, blood tests and presence of witnesses etc.
  2. A marriage is ended with a proper formal divorce or through the process of rescission. It can be very painful, costly, time consuming and exhausting.
  3. As a result of a divorce, the couple is required to share or distribute their property in accordance with the legally specified methods.
  4. After a divorce, the spouse earning more income is required to provide financial support to the other spouse.
  5. The child born during a marriage automatically indicates and establishes the paternity of both spouse.
  6. Any children born to a couple during the marriage must be financially supported.
  7. In case of death of a spouse, the surviving spouse shall have a legal right to inherit a share in the estate or property of deceased spouse.
  8. When a marriage comes to an end, the child born during the marriage has a right to be financially supported by the non-custodial parent.

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