30+ BEST Catalog Templates

A product or service catalog template is a document in which the products or services of a company are listed with all their necessary details and information. A catalog template, just like a brochure or any other promotional tool, is an effective marketing tool that helps to boost up your sales. The catalog template includes the information in such a way so that it is easily understandable for the reader.

The basic purpose of a catalog template is to identify and strengthen brand awareness in public. Anyone viewing or reading a catalog will get proper idea about what products or services a company is offering. A catalog template must be both useful and attractive. It must be easy to read and understand and it must have a good cover, quality paper and a stylish design and layout. Don’t forget to check out some of the best quality editable catalog templates, given below.

IT Center Catalog Template

Simple Product Catalog Template

Undergraduate Catalog Template

Enterprise's Catalog Template

Service Catalog Guide Template

Learning Center Catalog Template

Web Resources Catalog Template

Featured Product Catalog Template

Product's Parts Catalog Template

Medical Services Catalog Template

Consulting Services Catalog Template

Multi-Business Group's Catalog Template

Research Catalog Template

University's Catalog Template

Special Catalog Template

Tips for creating an Effective Catalog Template

Following are some useful tips of creating an effective catalog template:

1. Assemble the product information:

Collect all the relevant and important information of the products and include it in the catalog template so that any one who wants to buy a product or products, must have some knowledge of what they are buying.

2. Include images:

Only the text based information is not enough. You should also include attractive and catchy images of the products in your catalog template. You can also hire an expert graphic designer for creating and designing stylish images of your products, if you are not satisfied with the available images.

3. Organize the template:

Once you have text and images of the products, you need to organize the layout or format of the template as a whole. Properly divide the information by creating separate sections. 

4. Using Captivating Elements:

The overall style and design of your catalog template must be very attractive and attention grabbing. Make sure to use sparkling colors, high quality images and high quality brief information in your catalog template.

5. Look for a proper Printing Company:

After finishing the design and style of a catalog template, look for a proper printing company in order to get your catalog printed. Always consider the past works and quality level of the printing company, when assigning the job to them.

6. Review and send the catalog design for printing:

At the end, before sending the catalog template or design to the printing company, carefully check and review the catalog design for one last time. Don’t forget to make any necessary amendments in the catalog template before the final approval.

Useful Catalog Templates

Official Services Catalog Template

Modern Product Catalog Template

Analytical Services Catalog Template

Hardware Store Catalog Template

Exclusive Catalog Template

Professional Catalog Template

Tech Company 's Catalog Template

Standard Service Catalog Template

Tech Services Catalog Template

Accessories Catalog Template

Generic Service Catalog Template

School's Sample Catalog Template

Cool Plant Catalog Template

Craft Making Catalog Template

New Products Catalog Template

Latest Style Catalog Template

Decor Company's Catalog Template

Benefits of a Catalog Template

Some common benefits of a catalog template are listed below:

  • A printed catalog helps boosting up the sales that ultimately leads to maximization of profits.
  • It is a very effective tool for enhancing the brand visibility and its awareness.
  • A catalog template provides more opportunities to target selected audience.
  • Through a catalog template, you develop the overall look and style of your brand as well.
  • A catalog template simplifies the process of performance monitoring and results tracking.
  • Catalog template is for both the existing as well as new customers so it plays an important part in keeping the existing customers satisfied too.
  • If you include in your catalog template, the ways or modes of responding, it makes the ordering process very simple and easy for the customers.
  • A catalog template for your brand actually depicts the professionalism of your brand and leaves a lasting impresses on the audience.
  • It is also a very cost-effective marketing tool.
  • Unlike a brochure or a postcard, a catalog is less likely to be thrown away which means the brand will have more impression on the reader or recipient.
  • A catalog template includes a brief information and explanation of each and every product or service of an entity, which saves a lot of time and effort.

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