40 Useful Business Report Templates

A business report template is an official document of a company in which analysis of different situations, problems or projects is made and different solutions are proposed and recommendations are made in a professional and official manner. In every type of business, different useful reports are prepared on almost daily basis. That is why the experts create or use a specific business report template for every kind of business report so that, with few adjustments or alterations, they can use these templates accordingly for the current situation.

Sometimes, the business reports are technical in nature and therefore skills and expertise are required to create such reports. In order to design and create a professional business report template, an expert can also be hired. In a business report, it is very important that a business or management theory is properly applied to a particular situation and then proper solutions or recommendations are advised for such situation. The report writer must also be aware of his target audience, so as to maintain a certain level of formality and responsiveness.

In order to know more in detail about the business reports, make sure to scroll down and check out the given below useful business report templates.

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Practical Business Report Templates

Informative Business Report Template

Sample Itemized Business Report Template

Committee's Business Report Template

Useful Business Research Report Template

Entity's Business Analysis Report Template

Company's Business Report Template

Special Business Analysis Report Template

Comprehensive Business Report Template

Organization's Business Report Template

Detailed Guide to Business Report Writing

Business Management Report Template

External Expert's Business Report Template

Business Solicitation Report Template

Professional Business Report Template

Different Types of Business Reports

Following are some of the common types of business reports that are mostly used in business world:

1. Business Feasibility Report:

As the name suggests, this type of business report is written to explain the feasibility or viability of a particular project or business related decision e.g, making a new investment or considering a major merger etc. 

2. Business Analytical Report:

In this type of report, the data related to a specific situation or problem is analyzed and interpreted. The writer of the report, writing the report as an expert, analyzes the situation and then propose the options or solutions available to cope with such situation.

3. Simple Informational Report:

An informational report just includes the information or details on a particular subject. The writer just provides the information and does not give any opinions or suggestions. This type of report can be a bit informal as compared to other reports.

4. Project Progress Project:

As the name suggests, this type of report is written to state the overall progress of a particular project. This report can be written to be presented to a client company or to the director of your own company. In this type of report, all the current issues related to the project and future plans must also be stated.

5. Research Report:

In a formal research report, in addition to present his analysis and suggested solutions, the writer also collects all the data and performs all the research himself. This type of report is usually created by a group or a team of individuals. 

Best Business Report Templates

Business Progress Report Template

Business Project Report Template

Unique Business Report Template

Business Expansion Report Template

Small Business Report Template

Business Valuation Report Template

Manufacturer's Business Report Template

Special Business Research Report Template

Business Report Format Template

Business Expense Report Template

Business Report Notebook Template

Valuable Business Report Template

Advantages of a Business Report

A business report has internal as well as external advantages, some of which are mentioned below.

External Benefits:

  • Through sustainability reporting, negative social and governance affects can be minimized.
  • The external stakeholders get to know the true values and ultimate goals of the organization.
  • Reporting maintains the professionalism of the entity and overall improves its reputation.
  • Through reporting, it can be easily demonstrated how the entity is influencing and how it is being influenced by presumptions about sustainable development.

Internal Benefits:

  • Risks are properly identified and timely decisions can be taken in order to minimize those risks.
  • It enables smooth processing, that ultimately decreases costs and increases efficiency.
  • A suitable link between a financial and non-financial performance can be easily established.
  • Through reporting, better opportunities can be worked out.
  • It is easy to compare performance and progress within the departments of the organization.
  • Enable to devise long term management strategies and useful business plans for future.
  • Problems or issues faced by the entity can be properly dealt with, by suggesting best possible solutions.

Effective Business Report Templates

Monthly Business Report Template

Business Report Worksheet Template

Useful Business Research Report Template

Entity's Official Business Report Template

Elemental Annual Business Report Template

High Growth Small Business Report Template

Business Trip Report Template

Standard Business Report Template

Small Business Owner Report Template

Professional Business Report Template

Particular Business Report Template

Corporate Business Report Template

Stylish Design Business Report Template

Equity Design Business Report Template

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