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In this article, we will discuss about business introduction letter templates but first of all, it is important to know what a business introduction letter actually is. For a business to be successful, it is very important to advertise and introduce it in the relevant market. Especially in the beginning phase, obviously, almost nobody knows about your company, business, products or services. So for that purposes, a formal business introduction letter is written in order to access and build business relationships with other businesses as well as customers. The main purpose of writing a business introduction letter is to communicate the message about the type of business that a company or a firm is doing and the products or services that it can provide to its customers.

A business introduction letter can also be considered as a tool for advertising and marketing of the business of a company or a firm. The format and the content of a business introduction letter template mainly depends upon the type of business you are engaged in. Here, we bring you some quality business introduction letters templates that are completely free and editable. Scroll down and feel free to download the sample letter of your choice.

Company's Business Introduction Letters

A company’s business introduction letter is more detailed, professional and formal. Due to its importance, it is always designed and written with due diligence. Below you can easily find some quality business introduction letters for companies. 

Formal Business Introduction Letter Template

Company's Detailed Business Introduction Letter Sample

Quality Business Introduction Letter

Simple Business Introduction Letter

New Business Introduction Letter Template

Company's New Business Introduction Letter

Business Profile Introduction Letter Example

Company's Profile Introduction Summary

Corporate level Business Introduction Letter

Professional Letter of Business Introduction

Attractive Company's Introduction Letter Sample

Company's Sample Business Introduction Letter Format

Letter of Business Introduction with Product Overview

Basic elements of a formal Business Introduction Letter

When you are new in the business community, you will obviously want the audience to know about your business. For this purpose a business introduction letter is written and circulated among the business community and the potential audience. In order to write an effective formal business introduction letter, following basic elements should always be considered.


The basic thing in case of a business introduction letter is to be formal, the tone should be professional and the language used should be simple, for the purpose of better understanding. Avoid using too much technical language or jargon. Use a high quality paper and the use of too many colors or images must be avoided. Don’t forget to include the company’s official logo or letterhead. At the end of such a letter, the signatures should also be included, in order to make it more professional.

2.Understanding the Audience

You should have done enough research in order to clearly understand who your target audience is, what are their interests, requirements and demands. Your research about your target audience must be made in such a way to enable you to easily identify what type of people will buy your products or services.

3.Seeking attention of the reader

Your business introduction letter must be effective enough to seek the attention of the reader. It is not sufficient to just write a simple letter because the audience that you are targeting like companies or other people, usually receive many letters like this daily. Your letter should develop an interest and create desire in them so that they are attracted towards the products or services offered by you.

4.Explain about your products or services

Explain in detail what products or services you are providing to your customers. In this respect, be simple and clear and don’t claim to do or provide anything which you know you can’t, as it will have a very negative impact on your business. So, it should be your target to write the business introduction letter in such a convincing way, so that the reader ultimately ends up becoming your customer.

5.Inviting your readers

In order to know and learn more about your business, you can include an invitation for your readers i.e, by adding location of your business or by providing a website address of your business. Such type of invitation is usually included at the end of such a business introduction letter.

Simple Business Introduction Letters

Sometimes, the business introduction letters are not specially designed and are kept simple e.g, in case of a firm or sole proprietorship. But that doesn’t mean that such business introduction letters lack in professionalism or content. Some relevant samples are given below.

Blank Business Introduction Letter Example

Company's Simple Introduction Letter

Common Business Introduction Letter Template

Proper Business Introduction Letter Template

Sample Business Introduction Letter

Official Business Introduction Letter

Professional Business Introduction Letter

Company's Business Profile Letter Template

Common Business Introduction Letter

Routine Business Introduction Letter Template

Property Management Company Introduction Letter

Regular Business Introduction Letter Example

Concise Business Introduction Letter

Brief Business Introduction Letter

Lengthy Business Introduction Letter Sample

Usual Business Introduction Letter Template

Detailed Business Introduction Letter Example

Benefits of a Business Introduction Letter

A business introduction letter is one of the important business documents as it has many benefits. Some of these benefits are given below:

  • Such a letter is very helpful in presenting an overall picture of the company and its business to the potential audience.
  • A business introduction also serves as an advertising tool and helps you to acquire more business. 
  • It is a mode of formal communication between businesses or partners of firms.
  • It shows whether or not the company is actually able to provide services or products that it offers.
  • Such a type of letter is also used to keep the potential customers informed and updated.
  • The readers can easily get information about the strengths, weaknesses and experiences of the company.

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