18+ FREE Patent Agreement Templates in Word PDF Formats

Looking for patent agreement samples? Don’t worry, because you are at the right place. Here you can easily find and download some of the best patent agreement templates with a single click. As we all know that every invention is made with a lot of effort and time and its not an easy job. So it is very important for the inventor to protect its rights by having its invention(s) patented. A patent gives a legal right to its holder to exclude other persons (both natural and artificial persons) from making, importing, selling or using an invention for a limited period of time. In order to assign a right of ownership to a third party, a patent agreement is signed between the owner and the third party along with the terms and conditions.

Generally, the purpose of a patent agreement is to encourage the new inventions, and specifically to encourage the inventors to disclose their inventions, as the inventors often hesitate to share the details of their inventions, because of the fear that someone else might copy it. Here, we are providing you with a rich collection of some of the best quality patent agreement templates that you can download with just one click for free. Moreover you can also edit these templates according to your choice and requirement. You can find these patent agreement templates of your choice below:

Patent License Agreement Template

Confidential Patent Purchase Agreement Template

Exclusive Patent License Agreement Template

Invention Patent Agreement Template

Intellectual Property Rights Agreement Template

Standard Patent License Agreement Template

Patent Agreement and Assignment Template

Simple Patent License Agreement Template

Exclusive Patent License Agreement Template

Sample Patent License Agreement Template

Typical Patent License Agreement Template

Patent Sub-License Agreement Template

Sample Patent and Copyright Agreement Template

Patent Security Agreement Template

Agreement on a Unified Patent Court Template

Employee Patent Agreement Template

Patent Sale Agreement Template

Patent Purchase Agreement Template

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