10+ Ownership Transfer Letter Templates for Free

A transfer letter is an official document which indicates the transfer of a property or an asset to another person, place or business. An ownership transfer letter is a type of transfer letter that is used to transfer the rights and obligations associated to a certain asset or property. For this purpose, ownership transfer letter templates are also used.

Without such a letter, the transfer of any asset or a property is not complete. In this article, you can easily find a variety of ownership transfer letter templates that will allow you to use them in accordance with your requirement. Just click the download button on the template of your choice and use it for free.

Letter for Transfer of Business Ownership

During the lifetime of an entity, it can transfer a part of its business or the entire business to another entity. This transfer is always done by a formal letter for transfer of ownership of business. This template will assist you to make this transaction formal. It includes the acknowledgement of both parties in such a transfer transaction.

Letter for Transfer of Property Ownership

This sample letter for transfer of property ownership can be used by you, if it is applicable in your country. It consists of two pages. The first page is the sample letter itself and the second page includes instructions and laws.

This template is primarily used for the real estate property transfers but you can use it for some other types of personal property transfers too.

Letter for Transfer of Ownership of House

To become the rightful owner of the house after purchasing it, you need to transfer the title of the house and all the other relevant documents under your name. For this purpose you will need a house property transfer request form and a house sale contract.

The template above includes all  these documents. Just click the download button and you are free to use this template according to your requirements.

Public Records Ownership Transfer Letter

Letter for transfer of Authority on behalf of Owner

This sample letter for transfer of authority on behalf of owner can be used to grant your authority to someone to in order to act on your behalf regarding a particular property. This template is very easy to use and understand.

Example Ownership Transfer Letter

This type of ownership transfer letter is used to formally transfer the duties and responsibilities from one person to another. The person to whom the duties and responsibilities are transferred, through this letter, makes an acknowledgement of the fact. 

Sample Letter for Transfer of Ownership

This sample letter for transfer of ownership in quite informative. It is only three pages long and consists of details, like description of the property rights, assingment of rights and ownership, attestation and affirmation by owner and services, etc.

Ownership Transfer Letter with Instructions

This ownership transfer letter template consists of the sample letter itself and the instructions. These instructions are included for your ease. If you want to write an ownership transfer letter yourself, then these instructions will definitely help you to write a good one. 

Transfer of Ownership Form

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