33 Professional Bank Statement Templates

Some best quality bank statement templates are provided in this article, but first of all, it is important to know what a bank statement actually is. A bank statement is an official statement issued by a bank to all of its account holders, typically on a monthly basis. This statement includes the details of all the transactions that took place during a month or during such other period as specified.

A bank can have a lot of customers and it is impossible to issue separate bank statements to every account holder. So, that is why almost all of the banks create or use pre-formatted bank statement templates. These templates are very helpful in saving a lot of time and effort of the bank. A standard bank statement usually includes the details of all the deposits and withdrawals. 

To know more about a bank statement, make sure to scroll down and also check out the given below professional bank statement templates. All these templates are free to download and use.

Bank Statement Format Template

Short Bank Statement Template

Formal Bank Statement Template

Simple Bank Statement Template

Detailed Bank Statement Template

Extensive Bank Statement Template

Example Bank Statement Template

Sample Bank Statement Template

Exclusive Bank Statement Template

Informative Bank Statement

Reconciling Bank Statement Example Template

Basic Components of a Bank Statement Template

The details or information provided in bank statements of different banks may vary slightly from each other. Their content may be a little bit different but every bank statement usually has same basic components. These components are explained below:

1. Basic Information of Bank:

In a bank statement template, all the relevant details and information of a bank are properly mentioned. This information usually includes the bank’s name, address, email address and contact number etc.

2. Account Holder’s Information:

Just like bank’s information, the account holder’s necessary information like, name, address, email address and contact number etc., is also mentioned. Remember that the account holder can be an individual or it can be a business account. This basic information for both individual or business account holder will be same.

3. Account Details:

The account details include the complete account title and the account number of account holder. Make sure to carefully mention the account details on a bank statement.

4. Date of Bank Statement:

The date on which the statement is issued or the time period for which a particular bank statement is issued, must be clearly mentioned on a bank statement template.

5. Details of Transactions:

This is the most important part of a bank statement template and that is why it covers most of its area. All the transactions of an account that took place during a specified period must be properly enlisted along with details and dates.

In order to make a bank statement effective, all the transactions must be listed in chronological order. It is the duty of banks to ensure that each and every transaction is included in a bank statement.

6. Summary of Account:

After the details of transactions, it is very important to include a brief summary of an account. For a particular account, such a summary includes the opening balance, total deposits, total withdrawals and the closing balance at the end of a specified period.

Sample Bank Statement Templates

Bank Statement Guidance Template

Brief Bank Statement Template

Bank Reconciliation Statement

Practical Bank Statement Template

Professional Bank Statement

Bank Statement Guideline Template

Model Bank Statement Template

Practical Bank Statement Template

Special Bank Statement Template

Random Bank Statement Template

Detailed Bank Statement Template

Bank Statement Advantages

Following are some of the advantages of a bank statement:

  • For effective and correct tax reporting, a bank statement can be used as an important supporting document.
  • All the transactions during a period are gathered in a single document, that can be used as a proof of all the account activities.
  • Whenever you want a loan for your business, many documents are required to be presented for the sanction of loan. For this purpose, the most important document is a bank statement.
  • A bank statement is a great way to track or keep record of all the un-presented or un-collected checks. 
  • On the basis of information provided by a bank statement, major business decisions can be taken and different business budgets are prepared.
  • With the help of a bank statement, it is easy to reconcile the bank account in your books with that of the records of bank. Any discrepancies, errors or mistakes can be easily identified and rectified.

More Bank Statement Templates

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Simple Bank Statement Template

Bank Statement Blank Template

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