30 Official Policy Proposal Templates

A policy proposal template is an official document of a company that is used to record the historical data and information related to the need for having a policy and the process that will be used to create it. A policy proposal template can also be used as a permanent record in addition to the original copy of the approved policy. Companies make and revise the policies on consistent basis. These policies can be for different departments such as HR policies, Public policies or Health and Safety policies etc.

The need to make a certain new policy depends on many factors. Sometimes, a policy can be created in response to an external change and sometimes it is created by a new management. No matter how a certain policy is developed, it is important that the potential stakeholders like employees, directors, employee unions etc., must be involved in the making of any such policy. Everyone taking part in the development of a certain policy ensures the effectiveness of any such policy. In order to make these policies more official and professional, companies often use specific policy proposal templates. 

Detailed Policy Proposal Template

Sample Policy Proposal Template

Brief Policy Proposal Template

University's Policy Proposal

Policy Research Proposal Template

Unique Policy Proposal Template

Security Policy Proposal Template

Environmental Policy Proposal

Health Policy Proposal Template

Standard Policy Proposal Template

Committee Policy Proposal Template

Work Policy Proposal Template

Exclusive Policy Proposal Template

Office Policy Proposal Template

Policy Proposal Format Template

Information to be included in a Policy Proposal Template

Policies are created and developed so as to carry out the daily operations of an entity in the most effective and organized manner. Therefore it is very important that a policy proposal template must be created with due diligence. A policy proposal template must include following useful information:

  • It must properly state and record the need of creating a certain policy.
  • What is the actual policy.
  • Details of actual proposal.
  • The potential stakeholders involved in development of a policy.
  • General background and history.
  • Explanation of options available to be chosen in the policy.
  • A detailed and specific implementation plan.
  • Details of revisions of policy.

Special Policy Proposal Templates

Special Policy Proposal Template

Example Policy Proposal Template

Effective Policy Proposal Template

Particular Policy Proposal Template

Academic Policy Proposal Template

Basic Policy Proposal Template

Policy Proposal Sample Template

Formal Policy Proposal Template

Revised Policy Proposal Template

Valuable Policy Proposal Template

Blank Policy Proposal Template

Scholarship Policy Proposal

Extensive Policy Proposal Template

Official Policy Proposal Template

New Policy Proposal Template

Cycle of Development of Policy

The process of policy development is explained below:

1. Defining and developing the policy:

Precisely and accurately define the policy that you wish to develop, as a result of an identified problem. 

2. Analysis:

Carefully analyze the whole situation i.e, the policy, the problem, available options, proposed solutions and recommendations.

3. Flow of policy:

After the policy analysis, it is important that the direction of flow of policy must be right i.e, from the suggested course of action to final approval.

4. Implementing the Policy:

 The policy is implemented as from final approval to future actions. Implementation of the policy must be regularly supervised.

5. Communicating the policy:

By using any available method, make sure to communicate the policy to potential stakeholders, once it has been implemented.

6. Evaluation:

After the practical implementation of a policy, evaluate and compare the results of its implementation with the proposed results. Always be ready for any amendments or improvements.

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