30 Editable Financial Plan Templates

A financial plan template is an important document that includes an estimate of funds or capital required for a personal or business projects or for the business as a whole i.e, starting up a new business etc. Whether the project under consideration is of a personal or business nature, a financial plan will help you a great deal and enable you to come up quickly with a proper plan to perform or complete that particular task or project. A financial template is an important part of financial planning. Hence, for that purpose, some professionals like to use an editable financial plan template so that they can edit and use it to for any future project.

In order to start a new business, finance, funds or capital is always required. The financial plan template must include the details of availability of such funds or finance and how it will be utilized. It also includes all the relevant expenditures which must be properly analyzed and estimated. A summary of expenses that will be incurred must also be included in a financial plan template. In this article, you can easily get some best quality editable financial templates, that are given below.

Complete Financial Plan Template

Summarized Financial Plan Template

Official Financial Plan Template

Brief Financial Plan Template

Detailed Financial Plan Template

Blank Financial Plan Template

Project's Financial Plan Template

Foundation's Financial Plan Template

Monthly Financial Plan Template

Itemized Financial Plan Template

Sample Financial Plan Template

Personal Financial Plan Template

Special Financial Plan Template

University Financial Plan Template

Family Financial Plan Template

General Tips for creating an Effective Financial Plan Template

Following are some common tips for creating an effective financial plan template:

  • Make sure you have analyzed and properly calculated your set-up costs. It is the cost that will occur necessarily. So, when you estimate it, you can identify whether or not you a loan is required.
  • Estimate your other expenses and estimate your sales in order to know the profit or loss. The sales can be estimated on monthly, quarterly or yearly basis. This way you can easily set your sales targets, increase or decrease profit margins and adjust many other factors etc.Use industry or market analysis to base your estimations.
  • Do not restrict to just the profits in accounts or books. Sometimes the businesses which show good profits in books, may run out of resources like cash. Your business must always show liquidity to some extent. For this purpose, you should prepare a proper projected cash flow statement, that will help you determine the liquidity of your business. 
  • After making a projected cash flow statement, you should make a projected statement of financial position or balance sheet. Estimate what assets, liabilities and equity your business will have after completing its first year. With the help of a projected balance sheet, you can easily make an assessment regarding financial conditions and financial standing of your business after one year.
  • A break even point of a business is where there is no profit or loss. You need to find this break even point for your business so that you can easily assess how much revenue you should generate in order to cover all the expenses of your business.
  • While preparing a financial plan template, the most important thing to keep in mind is that you should base all your estimates on industry analysis, market norms and market standards.

More Financial Plan Templates

Updated Financial Plan Template

Example Financial Plan Template

Annual Financial Plan Template

Standard Financial Plan Template

Specific Financial Plan Template

Unique Financial Plan Template

Typical Financial Plan Template

10 Year Financial Plan Template

Detailed Financial Plan Template

Long Term Financial Plan Template

Proposal Financial Plan Template

Film's Financial Plan Template

Formal Financial Plan Template

Business Financial Plan Template

Agreements Financial Plan Template

Importance of a Financial Plan Template

A financial plan template has following common benefits:

  • A financial plan template saves you a lot of time and resources that you would waste otherwise, if you had no such plan at all.
  • Through a financial plan template, you make sure that adequate funds or capital is available.
  • A financial plan template is easy to use because you only require the necessary knowledge of your business in order to complete a financial plan.
  • A financial plan maintains a proper balance of finance or funds so as to maintain stability.
  • Through a financial plan, it is made sure that only that much loans or funds are borrowed which are required and no excess money is borrowed.
  • The investors which are the suppliers of a necessary funds should be convinced by providing them your official financial plan.
  • Unless or until some major changes have happened or some major events have incurred, a financial plan template plays a great role in minimizing the uncertainties which can overall affect the growth of your business.

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